Feri Mezon

"I want to be known as an LA designer, because LA allows you freedom of expression.  LA is like no other place in the world, there is more freedom here."

For nearly 25 years, Feri Mezon has manufactured her intricately embroidered and ruched tops and dresses in Los Angeles.  Feri is a bundle of energy, in fact, she has enough energy to keep the fashion business alive and thriving into the next century and beyond.    She lives and breathes fashion.  She loves it because "fashion should make us feel good, and when we feel good about ourselves, nothing can stop us."  

Feri doesn't think in terms of just being a designer.  To her it is her gift that the universe has bestowed upon her, and she is using her gift to give people pleasure.  She states, "It is not about money, it is about the love of doing something that makes you feel good.  I am very in touch with my work, and if it doesn't move my heart I know it will not move anyone else's heart."  But Feri's design roots are firmly embedded.  She graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles with a degree in dress design.  She would attend school at night, while working for a clothing manufacturer during the day.  Her mother also taught her many aspects of the business from an early age. 

Feri is now located in the heart of the Fashion District on Santee Street, and works out of a large industrial space.  She is practically a one-woman operation.  She does all the design work, fabric selection, shipping, public relations, and handles the business side of the label.  "I am like an octopus in this business."  

For all her wild style, Feri knows how clothes should be cut, and she takes her craft seriously.  Her clothing is made from 90/10 Lycra cotton spandex stretch, rayon jersey, silk blends, linen, lace, and cotton under, which makes it easy to take care of.  The best thing about Feri's designs is that they even look better the more that they are washed.  This was a point that Feri kept stressing as she says who really wants to have to take all their clothes to the dry cleaners.  And the stretch in the fabric transforms her designs beyond the realm of ordinary into the extraordinary, giving them that fashion-forward look.  Whether it's a baseball-type outfit, leggings, tunics, or dresses, Feri has invented a new look with her sliced designs.